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Fassbinderei VBS Schön

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1933 Foundation of the family business of Johann Schön as drum & table binding.


Barrels for the storage of alcoholic beverages as well as various wooden containers for the viticulture and household are manufactured in careful handwork.

During the post-war period, Johann Schön focused on resuming his craft, expanding his production facility in Würmla and investing in the first electric machines. With the help of his son Herbert Schön, containers were increasingly produced for agricultural businesses such as Kübel & Schaffe for meat, cabbage, vinegar and flowers & rainwater.

"The reason why we refine wine in oak barrels was not intuitive, it was purely the result of a lucky coincidence"

Due to the storage in the wood, the taste changes as well as quality and durability increased. For over 2 thousand years, the barrel experienced a tremendous upswing, as storage of fish, salt, oil, grain, beer and of course wine. Among the Gauls, who are considered one of the first Fassbinder, joined more and more producers worldwide, which focused on the most diverse storage.

After this outstanding period, the wooden barrel in the 20th century increasingly got into competition with plastic and stainless steel containers, which at the time were considered to be more hygienic, cheaper and more manageable.

During this time, our family business became involved in the trade in wine cellar items, and thus always remained in close contact with winemakers, brewers and distillers. We dealt with all the accessories that were needed for the production of alcoholic beverages. In response to our business change, Herbert Schön invested in a business premises and deposits in the 1980s.

But with the constant globalization and the opening of new markets, the trade increased. French wines were increasingly shipped to America - the emergence of the barrique. By transporting overseas, the wine had enough time to mature in the oak and thus increase its quality. The oak barrel was suitable due to its durability and additionally the oak was found in most forests in Europe and was therefore light and available in large quantities.

"the oak barrel is the most recognizable symbol in connection with the wine."

Increasing sales in the 1980s resulted in rising production and expansion of production space. The export to the USA is emblematic of the re-emergence of the family business. Artisan know-how since 1933 supported the operation in the sale of barriques in international markets.

Shortly before the turn of the millennium, Gernot Schön starts his career and pursues invigorating economic goals. The expansion on an international level is taking its course and markets in Germany, Italy and France are being tapped. With the help of his internships in various winegrowing companies, he was able to draw on a lot of knowledge and a broad network.

In 2003, Gernot takes over the business and leads it in 3. Generation to the borders of the former production site.

In 2010 he founded the company VBS SCHÖN GmbH with his trusted distribution partners Marco Priori and Danilo Scopel. In recent years, Mann has invested in expanding and innovating the realities, living an advanced yet traditional way of working.

Innovation & Crafts enabled the expansion of sales territories to Spain, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Czech Republic.

In 2018 we set off on the path of research. With the help of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences and the Vienna University of Technology, we took a closer look at our wood samples from the different forests in Europe. Concentration was on the storage over several years, the Toastings and processing methods by steam which affect the taste of the wood.

In 2019, the company reaches its limits again. As a result, the company is starting to build a new production hall, creating larger lumber bins, and investing in advanced machines to facilitate and increase productivity.