Experience & Tradition

After many years of wood barrel manufacturing, our company stands for a wealth of knowledge and high quality products.


Innovation & Technology

In our new production facility we offer high manufacturing standards using traditional techniques and innovative equipment.



Our company stands for value retention and long-term customer satisfaction, so our service team is always ready.



We choose quality as a basic requirement at every stage. We combine traditional generation with innovative renewals.

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Fassbinderei VBS SCHÖN GmbH

Fassbinderstraße 3
A-3454 Sitzenberg-Reidling


Phone: +43 22 76 20 480
Fax: +43 227 620 48 014

E-Mail: office@vbsschoen.com


UID-Nr.: ATU65718501

Firmengericht: Landesgericht St. Pölten
Firmenbuchnummer: 346218w


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