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Fassbinderei VBS Schön

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Fassbinderei VBS Schön

Production of wooden barrels

Our specialty is the production of round and oval barrels for fermentation and maturation of red and white wines. Also we resort on a long-standing experience in the vinegar and spirits storage within wooden containers.

Holzfässer Vbs Schön


At the heart of the company are our round and oval drums, which form the core of our production. For the production, the staves for the individual barrels are elastically bent by controlled fire and the necessary moistening by water and thereby bent into your desired shape. Subsequently, a uniform temperature is ensured by a controlled temperature.


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Gärbottich Vbs Schön


We offer the classic closed fermenting stands, which serve for fermenting and ripening the wine, the simple open stands that only serve for fermentation, as well as the new evolution with a stainless floor and lid. All of these fermenters are equipped with various accessories to simplify their use.


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Barrique Vbs Schön


We produce oak barrels in the classic forms from 225ltr to 500ltr. It uses mainly oak from the best forests in Europe, but also acacia, cherry, chestnut, ash or mulberry can be processed. The staves are split and are naturally dried, depending on the origin and degree of maturity of the staves, we can offer different possibilities for the expansion with different toastings.

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Roll Fermentor Vbs Schön

Roll Fermentor

The Roll Fermentor (registered and patented) is perfect for creating special microcuvée thanks to its ease of handling. This way you get a perfect integration of the wood type with the grapes.This type of fermentation is intended for those who want to develop quality wines with a special aromatic harmony. Since only in this container all fermentation, maturation and aging steps can be completed.


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Destillatfässer Vbs Schön

Destillation barrels

We are happy to produce distillate barrels in many different sizes. Our innovative ornamental barrels are the ideal gift or ideal for stylish personal use (brandy, rum, different types of fires, etc.). We manufacture our ornamental barrels of European oak. You are also welcome with alternative wood species such as cherry, chestnut, acacia and mulberry - these are available from certain volumes.

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The most commonly used wood is the oak, from the best countries of origin such as Slavonia (Croatia, Bosnia), Hungary, Austria and France. For our barrels, we mainly choose Quercus sessilis, whose characteristics are defined by compactness, fine grain and richness of aromatic components.

Synergy of experience & innovation

Our Company

The Fassbinderei VBS Schön GmbH has already found its origin in 1933. Accompanied by years of experience and tradition, we produce wooden barrels and fermenting vats in a traditional way. Together with the Italian company Venetta Botti, which pursues its craft since 1997 with innovative ideas and excellent service, we found a synergy that allowed us to close the two companies together in 2010. Through the use of innovative facilities, in conjunction with traditional techniques, we can offer you sophisticated and high quality products.