Wir garantieren eine rasche Betreuung für all unsere Produkte

Quality as a basic requirement

Fassbinderei VBS Schön

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Experience & Tradition

After many years of wood barrel manufacturing, our company stands for a wealth of knowledge and high quality products.


Innovation & Technology

In our new production facility we offer high manufacturing standards using traditional techniques and innovative equipment.



Our company stands for value retention and long-term customer satisfaction, so our service team is always ready.



We choose quality as a basic requirement at every stage. We combine traditional generation with innovative renewals.

We guarantee a quick support for all our products


Many winemakers and wine producers have believed in our small and young company, because we always strive for a very high technological standard and in addition to a know-how from three generations can fall back.

Weinbau Holzer
Weingut Wien Cobenzl
Ascheri Vini
Azienda agricola Gamba Gnirega
Azienda Agricola Monchiero
Borgo Scopeto
Cantine Sociale Valpolicella
Collina Delle Fate
Loredan Gasparini
Marchesi di Barolo
Marchesi di Barolo
Sartori Negrar
Speri Vilticoltori
Tenuta La presa
Tenuta Montemango
Vinicola Carminucci
Viticoltori Associati di Vinchio & Vaglio Serra
Patria Kobyli
Vinarstvi Malanik Osicka
Vinice Hranice
Vino J.Stávek
Fatt Col Santo